Contract vehicles

Our capabilities allow for a range of pre-approved services on contract schedules that facilitate a streamlined approach for agencies to purchase services, with comparable and competitive prices; view our Schedule for more details.


The 8(a) Streamlined Technology Application Resource for Services (STARS) II Government wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC), a small business set-aside GWAC, provides flexible access to customized IT solutions. The 8(a) STARS II is a Multiple Award (MA), Indefinite - Delivery, Indefinite - Quantity (IDIQ) contract to provide information technology (IT)  services and  IT services - based solutions which may include the integration of ancillary support which is necessary and  integral to the IT services being acquired. STARS II is reserved for  qualifying Small Business Administration (SBA) certified 8(a) prime contractors with competitive prices.  For more for information on STARS II, please visit or visit our 8(a) STARS II page.

Defense Logistics Agency J6 Enterprise Technology Services (DLA JETS)

As a contract holder of DLA's $6 Billion, 8 year ID/IQ, Tuba Group provides the full range of IT services, technical and management expertise that support applications, software, hardware, infrastructure, and systems, across the DLA IT Enterprise.  Support is provided for information technology solutions, technical support, maintenance and sustainment; operations support; application development, maintenance and technical support; and lifecycle management. Additionally, the acquisition also supports administrative program management support for IT program offices and DLA Information Operations (J6) Office.  While JETS will primarily support DLA IT services requirements, the contract also allows for de-centralized ordering by other DoD agencies.

General Services Administration (GSA) Professional Service Schedule (PSS) 520: GS-00F-222CA

Authorized Special Item Number (s):
520 7 Financial & Performance Audits
520 8 Complementary Audit Services
520 9 Recovery Audits
520 10 Transportation Audits
520 11 Accounting
520 12 Budgeting
520 13 Complementary Financial Management Services
520 14 Complementary Financial Management Services
520 21 Program Management Services
520 22 Grants Management Support Services

General Services Administration (GSA) Professional Service Schedule (PSS) 871: GS-00F-222CA

Authorized Special Item Number (s):
871 1 Strategic Planning for Technology Programs/Activities
871 2 Concept Development and Requirements Analysis
871 3 System Design, Engineering and Integration
871 4 Test and Evaluation
871 6 Acquisition and Life Cycle Management

General Services Administration (GSA) Professional Service Schedule (PSS) 874: GS-00F-222CA

Authorized Special Item Number (s):
874 1 Integrated Consulting Services
874 7 Integrated Business Program Support Services


The Electronic Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Accelerated and Simplified Tasks (eFAST) is the FAA's preferred contracting vehicle for small business contracts.

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